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BCGBA Numbers

All bowlers who wish to take part in competitive bowling under the rules of the BCGBA (league bowling, competitive bowling, etc.) must have a BCGBA number. These can be acquired for £10 from a county registrar and is a one-off life time fee to become a member of the BCGBA.

Bowls Equipment

Clothing Bowls wear for the novice is very straightforward. Flat-soled shoes/trainers and clothes that you feel comfortable in to "bend and send". Generally league matches simply require you to be dressed to a socially decent standard - a shirt must be worn - but some leagues are more stringent than others.

What is Crown Green Bowls?

Crown green bowls is a code of bowls usually played outdoors on a piece of grass known as a bowling green. The sport is governed by the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA), who stipulate the Laws of the Game under which competitive matches must be conducted. 86