Next Meeting: AGM Monday November 15th at 7:30pm at North Chadd
After holding discussions with our treasurer Cathy Wilson we have decided that the GM fees for 2021 will be suspended for all clubs, leagues & federations unless they start to play during the season.
So basically if you're league doesn't commence then the clubs in your league & the league will not pay the GM fees but if your league does commence we expect your league to collect the fees & forward them to the GM treasurer.
Any league or clubs who paid in 2020 their fees will be carried over to 2022 unless they play this season.
BCGBA still expect all clubs to pay the BCGBA fees see below & also have PLI  
British Crown Green Bowling Association Fees 2021

I have been asked to write to you following the recent BCGBA Executive meeting regarding the fees
for 2021. The rules of the Association indicate a fee of £35-00 being the annual fee payable by
Member Clubs.
The BCGBA Executive committee is not able to alter the fee without a rule change at the Annual
General Meeting, so the fee, therefore, remains at £35-00. However, following analysis of the current
financial position and to help struggling clubs we have agreed to subsidize the fee for 2021.
Member clubs who have paid the fee for 2020 (to be confirmed by Members Counties by 31 st
January) will therefore have a subsidy in 2021.
Clubs who have not paid the 2020 fee to their County association by this date will not be able to take
advantage of the subsidy and must pay full fees for both 2020 and 2021. Clubs who have not paid
will remain on the suspended list until the fee for 2020 and 2021 is paid and will not be able to enter
any competitive bowling until this has been paid.
Member Clubs who have paid the 2020 fees in full, will pay just £20-00 in 2021 adding up to a total
of £55-00 over the 2 years in question. This £20-00 must be paid in accordance with normal County
Association collection methods and submitted to BCGBA as per the rules.
Many thanks,
Mark Bircumshaw (On behalf of the Executive Committee)
Stay safe everyone.