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Please be aware that the latest guidance has been issued by BCGBA as an extension to what has been announced by the government.

The detailed article can be downloaded HERE, but these are the summary points:

  • The government has advised that bowling greens and other similar venues that allow singular sport can open from Wednesday May 13th
  • BCGBA has advised that during this phase only 1 group is permitted on the green at a time
  • A club schedule of attendance (names, dates & times of attendance must be recorded) should be produced to ensure limited attendance and to allow tracking should the eventuality arise
  • Club to appoint a central contact for recording
  • Only club members allowed on the green
  • Ensure that your insurance cover is up to date
  • CLUB BY CLUB ASSESSEMENT IS REQUIRED - each situation may be different and your club may not support the process
  • Club buildings and toilets to remain closed.

The key criteria appear to be:

Clubs should not provide mats, jacks, tapes, etc - these must be provided by the individual who is exercising

No competitive bowling to take place - no club comps, league comps, etc.

The document is stating that it is very much the responsibility of each club  to determine whether or not to open their facility. GMCCGBA sentiment is that we should stay home and stay safe - we'd rather everyone not send a bowl this year if that means that as many as possible may do so next year. The guidance on the link above has a club risk assessment form and points of consideration. Ultimately, please respect the decision made by your club.

We recognise that each club is different - from parks greens to greens that are part of a larger sporting facility - as such, ability to provide bowling is a different assessment for each club. We must ask you to err on the side of caution when carrying out these assessments; any undue pressure put on individuals to open a green is completely out of order and should be reported to your club's safeguarding officer.

Stay safe everyone.

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