Next Meeting: AGM on Monday November 14th at 7:30pm at North Chadd

PLI 2022, will be available from Endsleigh via the BCGBA website from 1st April for renewal of PLI. There is a slight change for the 2022 season which is the PLI will run from 1st May until 31st Dec 2022 then the 2023 PLI will commence 1st Jan until 31st Dec 2023. Due to the reduced time scale in 2022 the PLI will cost for £5 million cover £34-90 per club & for £10 million cover the cost will be £42-39 per club, Personal accident £0-72 per person & Directors & officers £14-25 per club

GM is advising all clubs to seriously look at getting personal accident cover for all their players, the cost is 97p each & is well worth the money.