Next Meeting: AGM Monday November 15th at 7:30pm at North Chadd

BCGBA and the County have always had the well-being of junior bowlers as a major priority. To this end, they have ensured that every club with a junior team has a Safeguarding Officer (formally Welfare officer) who had undertaken a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) formally the CRB. This is part of the BCGBA’s commitment to Safeguarding and they now extend this duty of care and Safeguarding to every club in the country.

To this end, the BCGBA Management Committee, which includes a representative from every county has passed a resolution that within 12 months EVERY CLUB MUST have a named Safeguarding Person who has undergone a DBS check. The DBS check is free of charge. Forms can be downloaded from the info icon at the top of the page, once the form has been completed then you should contact Martin Goddard or David Williams to continue. Further details will be sent out to all leagues & clubs shortly 

The 3-year renewal of DBS certificates is now being carried out please contact Martin Goddard to have your DBS renewed.