Next Meeting: Monday March 23rd at 7:30pm at North Chadd

The following were passed:
• Creation of National Administrator role (replaces coaching administrator in list of officers.
• Ladies competition officer & representatives granted representation on management committee.
• Past presidents & life members no longer to vote or receive expenses for attending management committee meetings and management committee members listed.

• Increase in club fees to £30 in 2019 & to £35 in 2020.
• Increase in new player registration to £12.
• Following merger BCGLBA is no longer listed as a county association.
• Associate member fees increased to £35.
• BCGBA able to amend policies without having to go through rules revision meeting.
• All team members in BCGBA competitions must wear same uniform.
• Formal rules for BCGBA Champion of Champions.
• Shirts with current sponsors logo must be worn in BCGBA events (if provided).
• Suitable footwear must be worn, this does not include sandals or other open toed footwear or hard or block heeled footwear.
• Shorts can be worn if they are black & of knee length.

The £1 per player registration was defeated by 1 vote & the increase in club fees passed by 1 vote.

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