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Affiliated league & federations with PLI numbers & web address

The following leagues & federations are all affiliated to Greater Manchester County CGBA. As per BCGBA & GM bye laws all clubs with team(s) taking part in these leagues must affiliate to GMCCGBA.

Blackley & District Amateur (Bowls Net)

Bury & District (Bowls Net)

Bury & District Veteran’s

Bury Federation

Bury Metro

Bury Workshops

Butterworth Veterans (Middleton) (Bowls Net)

Chadderton & District Amateur (Bowls Net)

Eccles & District (

Eccles & District Veterans (

Failsworth & District (Bowls Net)

Irlam & Cadishead

Manchester & District Amateur

Manchester Catholic (Bowls Net)

Middleton & District (Bowls Net)

Middleton Federation 

Middleton Sunday (Bowls Net)

Oldham & District Parks Amateur (Bowls Net)

Oldham & District Veteran Men’s Bowls Net)

Prestwich & District

Prestwich & Whitefield Veterans

Radcliffe Parks (Bowls Net)

Radcliffe Workshops (Bowls Net)

Rochdale & District Junior (Bowls Net)

Rochdale Federation

Saddleworth District (Bowls Net)

Sale & District

Salford (Bowls Net)

Salford Veterans

Swinton & Pendlebury District (

Tameside Mens

Tameside Men’s Veterans (Bowls Net)

Trafford Evening

Urmston & District

Urmston & District Men’s Veterans


Blackley & District GTM 10258 LG
Bury & District GTM 10259 LG
Bury Metro GTM 10260 LG
Bury Vets GTM 10261 LG
Bury Workshops GTM 10262 LG
Butterworth Vets GTM 10263 LG
Chadderton GTM 10264 LG
Eccles GTM 10265 LG
Eccles & District Veterans GTM 10266 LG
Failsworth & Dist GTM 10267 LG
Irlam & Cadishead GTM 10268 LG
Manchester & District GTM 10269 LG
Manchester Catholic GTM 10270 LG
Middleton GTM 10271 LG
Middleton Sunday GTM 10272 LG
Oldham Parks GTM 10273 LG
Oldham Vets GTM 10274 LG
Prestwich & Dist GTM 10275 LG
Prestwich & Whitefield Vets GTM 10276


Radcliffe Parks

Radcliffe Workshop's







Rochdale Jnr GTM 10278 LG
Saddleworth GTM 10279 LG
Sale GTM 10280 LG
Salford GTM 10281 LG
Salford Vets GTM 10282 AS
Swinton & Pendlebury GTM 10283 LG
Tameside GTM 10284 LG
Tameside Vets GTM 10285 LG
Trafford Evening GTM 10286 LG
Urmston GTM 10287 LG
Urmston Vets GTM 10288 LG

County Secretary

To contact the secretary, you can fill in the contact form via the menu

To write, send post to Mike Holden , 90 Ings Lane, Meanwood, Rochdale. OL12 7DX