Next Meeting: AGM Monday November 15th at 7:30pm at North Chadd

This section contains information about the county and its administration.

There is a list of affiliated leagues, including links to their websites (note that GMCCGBA is not responsible for the content of these external websites).

There is also information about the county officials, our rules and byelaws and other information to help you get the most out of your affiliation to Greater Manchester

1) The Association shall be known as ‘The Greater Manchester County Crown Green Bowling Association’. Membership is open to all leagues, clubs, associations & federations who have to be directly affiliated to the County Association.

2a) The business of the Association shall be transacted by a Management Committee comprising of the President, Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and an Executive Committee, comprised of a Delegate from each affiliated league five members to form a quorum. All Past Presidents shall be considered ‘Members of the Executive’, provided that they take an active part in the Association. Should any Management or Committee member have any connection with any club with a dispute or protest, the said member shall not be eligible to sit on the Council while such dispute or protest is being considered.

b) This year’s AGM shall take place in November every year

c) At the AGM the President will be elected into office for two years, automatically succeeded by the Deputy President.

d) Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and Auditors shall be elected annually. All nominations to be in the hands of the Secretary by October 1st. Officials will be re-elected if unopposed unless they have resigned.

e) All leagues must have a representative at the AGM & March meeting, A fine will be imposed for each nonattendance. This will be £5 per nonattendance.

f) Any Official unable to attend a meeting is to submit a written report to the secretary in advance of the meeting where necessary.

g) The Management Committee shall have the power to elect Life Members of the Association, whose service in the interests of the Game shall entitle them to this distinction. Such Life Members shall be permitted to attend General Meetings and have the power to vote

3)The management shall have the power to alter any bye-law, county cup, or merit rule under good housekeeping but not rescind or amend any bye-law or rule without the consent of at least half of those voting at the AGM. One representative from each Club/league/ affiliate will be allowed a vote. Notice of any proposed new rule, alteration, or amendment to existing rules is to be sent to the Secretary by October 1st. Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened at the discretion of the Executive or on the written request of at least five affiliated Leagues.

4a)All clubs/ leagues/ federations playing competitive crown green bowls under the rules of the BCGBA shall be directly affiliated to their respective County Association. Any club/league/ federation which refuses to directly affiliate to its County Association shall be suspended, along with its registered members, from playing any form of competitive Crown Green Bowls until the affiliation fee is paid.

b) The Association will not accept Clubs/ Leagues/ federation into their membership unless they are covered by Public Liability Insurance that complies with BCGBA Bye-Law 5(b) (vi)

c) Existing Clubs / Leagues/ federations have until 1st June each year to either i) renew their PLI through the Endsleigh scheme, or ii) inform the County co-ordinator, through their return of the NR1/ Club Registration form or otherwise of who holds their PLI. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension until the requirements are met & will be fined £30

d) Registered players only will be eligible for the league and competitive bowling.

5a) All Clubs are to affiliate through one of their respective Leagues in membership of the County Association and shall pay an Annual Fee, which shall be decided at the AGM. The fee for veteran clubs/leagues shall not exceed 50% of the annual fee.

b)Each affiliated Club/League will be supplied a copy of the GMCCGBA Handbook and a copy of the BCGBA Handbook free.

c) The green of affiliated Clubs shall if required, be placed at the disposal of the County Association, a reasonable number of times during the season.

6.Any proposed amendment to BCGBA Byelaws or Laws of the Game shall be sent in writing to the County Secretary by October 1st for consideration by the Executive Committee.

7.Clubs/Leagues/Federations must settle their Accounts by 1st May to the County Treasurer. Any Club /League/ Federation failing to comply shall be fined £5 if not paid within 4 weeks, and the Club/League/Federation and its members will be suspended from competitive Crown Green Bowling under the auspices of the GMCCGBA. It is the responsibility of each affiliated league to ensure the fees are collected & sent to GMCCGBA & that all clubs in their league are also affiliated to GMCCGBA & all players in the league hold a BCGBA membership card.

8. No player owing fees or money to an affiliated Club will be allowed to play for any other affiliated Club or compete in any County competition. Responsibility for proving settlement of the debt shall rest with the individual who will then forward all the relevant documents to the County Secretary.

9.The County Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at all meetings of the County Association.

10 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the County Association. Wherever possible, Accounts should be paid by cheque, which will bear the signatures of two from three of the nominated signatories. The Treasurer will keep all documents etc, in relation to finance; prepare statements of Accounts, plus a balance sheet for checking of the same (Half Yearly and Final). On retirement from office, the Accounts, Books, Cheque Books, Bank Statements, and Monies will be handed to the President, Chairman, or a successor. The Accounts of the Association shall be audited annually and a printed copy of the balance sheet sent to the County Secretary 14 days before the AGM.

11.The appointed County Bowls Coach and Referees Co-ordinators shall have their expenses reimbursed by the County Treasurer.

12.The code of rules laid down by the County Association shall be binding on all affiliated Clubs and League Members. All disputed points shall be referred to the Management Committee, (There is a right to appeal to the BCGBA Management Committee). It is the duty of every member of every club affiliated with the Association, to acquaint themselves with the rules and bye-laws of the Association. The Executive Committee of the Association will at no time accept a plea of ignorance to such rules and bye-laws.

13.Should the Management Committee, by a majority, decide, on grounds of expediency or otherwise, to dissolve the association, it shall call a meeting of all members giving 21 days notice. At the meeting, if a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote to decide to dissolve the Association, the Management Committee shall have the power to dispose of the assets of the Association after all liabilities and debts have been cleared. The beneficiaries of all such assets shall be such charities as decided by a majority of the members.

14.All GM Primary Affiliated clubs must complete the BCGBA Club/Player registration form, or update their club/member profiles in GoMembership, or for GM Secondary Affiliated clubs complete the GM Data Check Sheet (this is necessary as GM county officials won’t have access to club profiles in GoMembership for these secondary affiliated clubs). These returns should be made to David Williams by June 1st. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £5
per month & a suspension may follow if the fine is not paid.

15.Any appeal to a GM or leagues decision must be with the secretary within 96 hours of receiving the GM or league decision along with all evidence they wish to provide to help their case along with the deposit of £30 if the appeal is lost them the £30 is forfeit if successful £20 will be returned & £10 forfeit to cover admin costs.

16.The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with any matters not provided for in these rules.

Mike Holden

90 Ings Lane
Rochdale OL12 7DX

Phone: 01706 655253

Mobile: 07976 369322

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you wish to run an open competition on your green, then the following considerations should be given. You must comply with the rules from British Crown's website as shown in the Promotion of Contests section below. You should afford your sponsor as much coverage as possible. You should avoid other final days to maximise the attendance at all events. GMCCGBA now host a competition diary with all relevant events 

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Below is a list of all BCGBA-affiliated crown green bowling clubs in England. Use the CTRL+F find functionality in your web browser to search them.

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Below is a list of all GMCCGBA 2020 officials:

President - Peter Briggs 0161-370-9434

Deputy President - VACANT

Secretary - Mike Holden 07976369322 / 01706-655253

Treasurer - Cathy Wilson 07800659989

Registrar- Cathy Wilson 07800659989

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