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If you wish to run an open competition on your green, then the following considerations should be given. You must comply with the rules from British Crown's website as shown in the Promotion of Contests section below. You should afford your sponsor as much coverage as possible. You should avoid other final days to maximise the attendance at all events. GMCCGBA now host a competition diary with all relevant events 

Promotion of Contests

11 ~ No approval shall be granted at any level for any contest which does not possess the Public Liability cover defined in Bye Law 5.

        11(a) ~ Promoters of bowling contests accepting or inviting entries from Clubs within the County of promotion, must apply to the County Authority for affiliation and approval.

        11(b) ~ Promoters of bowling contests inviting or accepting entries from outside the County staging the event, after applying to their County Authority for approval, must apply to the BCGBA and pay an Annual affiliation fee of £6.00 at least 28 days before the commencement of the contest.  The application must state the name of the Club and venue where the contest is being held and the Secretary of the local County Authority must be notified that such application has been made.  Such contests shall be deemed 'Open Contests'.  No final stages or qualifying rounds of open competitions shall be contested on the date of and within the County Association where the BCGBA Senior Merit Finals are taking place.  Where the contest is to be televised there should be consultation with the BCGBA and a television fee negotiated before an open certificate is issued.  The name(s) of the referee(s) shall be submitted to the Referees Society for approval.

        11(c) ~ Promoters of contests referred to in clause (b) must display on entry forms and all forms of publicity relating to the event the words "Affiliated to and Approved by the British Crown Green Bowling Association", the maximum number of entries, the entry fee and the total prize money.  Promoters accepting female entries must clearly indicate it is a mixed competition.  Any promoter, Club or player taking part in a contest referred to in sub-clause (b) not affiliated to and played under the Rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £50.00 or suspension or both, by the BCGBA.  Failure to notify the County Secretary under sub para (a) or (b) will be liable to a fine of £20.00.

        11(d) ~ All competitors taking part in televised invitation competitions do so only with the approval of the BCGBA and their parent County. The qualifying criteria for these competitions should be made clear and be consistent for all Counties.

        11(e) ~ A team or player who withdraws from a team, individual or pairs competition shall be liable to forfeit any prize which he/she would otherwise have been entitled to at the time of such withdrawal.

         11(f) ~ No bowling contest's intermediate/final date shall be altered after the said contest has commenced other than for inclement weather or unforeseeable problems.  Failure to observe this rule shall result in the loss of its BCGBA approval certificate for one year, also all expenses shall be reimbursed, and any prize money due shall be paid to the participants who have qualified for the later stages, but who are unable to compete due to the Club/promoter re-arranging the intermediate/final date.

Additional recommendations:

Sponsorship - if you're running a 64 and want to attract the top bowlers, a minimum sponsorship of £500 is recommended.

Prizes - Don't make the prizes too top heavy as it puts some of the bowlers off. Paying out at the lower end means bowlers can cover costs

Picking dates - less important for the qualfying sessions but for the final day, best to avoid: 

  • other final days in Greater Manchester, unless you plan to do an evening final and there is an afternoon final that day
  • Champion of Champions at the Waterloo; many of the best bowlers will have qualified for this and will not hesitate to choose this over your event
  • other final days in areas close to Greater Manchester; typically West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire events are well supported by competition bowlers
  • County match days - the first Sunday in the month from April to September inclusive
  • you MUST avoid the Greater Manchester Senior Merit final day and the All England Merit day; no approvals will be given for events on these days

When considering qualifying dates, it may be useful to look at qualifying dates for other competitions and run yours on the same day at a different time, i.e. afternoon if the other comp is in the evening and vice versa. Bowlers will be saving money by only making a similar journey once.