Next Meeting: AGM Monday November 15th at 7:30pm at North Chadd


The Veterans county games this year will be played in Wales on the 15th of July 2021 @ 10 am details will follow shortly.

The 4 counties are:

1) Wales 2) Cheshire 3) Greater Manchester 4) Potteries & District.

Round 1 - Team 1 v Team 2 , Team 3 v Team 4

Round 2 - Team 1 v Team 3 , Team 2 v Team 4

Round 3 - Team 1 v Team 4 , Team 2 v Team 3 

The group winner will qualify for the Finals day on Thursday 5th of August 2021 @ 10 am venue to be announced





Vets Competitions

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Vets Team

Plugin ImageThe Vets Team is a team of Greater Manchester bowlers who will take part in competition against Vets from other counties. Details of the team, including how to apply to be involved are included in this section.