Next Meeting: Thursday 8th November 7:30pm at North Chad (OL9 0EL)

GM Vets County games will be held at Openshaw AEU 12th July where they will play Cheshire , Potteries & Wales in the round robin section group winners go through to the Final day will be held on 2nd Aug at a venue to be decided.


GM Vets Merit will take place on 4 qualifying greens all 11am start

Droylsden Park Tuesday 15th May

Droylsden Qualifiers J Blezzard , M Benett , M Holden , G Flint .

St Mary's Park Thursday 17th May

St Mary's Qualifiers D Gwillam , K Newbury , J Heaton , S Willison

Springbank Tuesday 22nd May

Springbank Qualifiers , D Robinson , M Goddard , B Saville , L Lambert .

Monton Thursday 24th May

Monton Qualifiers , D Gibbons , C Massey , B Mallon , D Barlow.

Finals took place at Stalybridge Rec 11 June

Last 16 

B Mallon 10 - 21 M Holden

M Goddard 16 - 21 D Gwillam

J Blezard 11 - 21 B Seville

J Heaton 19 - 21 D Gibbons

C Massey 21 - 16 S Willison

K Newbury abs - w/o D Robinson

G Flint ill - w/o L Lambert

D Barlow 16 - 21 M Bennett

Last 8

M Holden 21 - 17 D Gwillam

B Seville 21 - 12 D Gibbons

C Massey 21 - 19 D Robinson

L Lambert 18 - 21 M Bennett

Semi Finals

M Holden 19 - 21 B Seville 

C Massey 21 - 14 M Bennett


B Seville 21 - 20 C Massey

Thanks to all the competitors & all the clubs that hosted the event



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