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The Salford and District Bowling League is a mixed gender, open age league that plays its games on Tuesday evenings. While traditionally the clubs were based in and around Salford, more Prestwich clubs have entered the league down the years, giving the league a more M25-based look.

The following clubs are currently members of the league:
Broadway (1 team, playing on Eccles Rec)
Chandos (1 team, playing at the Chandos club, Chandos Grove)
Church Institute (3 teams, playing on Whitefield BC and Bailey Street)
Hollins Village (1 team, playing at Hollins Village/Hollins Grundy)
Prestwich Conservative Club (2 teams, playing at Prestwich Cons, Church Lane)
Prestwich CTBC (2 teams, playing at Prestwich CTBC)
Prestwich Liberal Club (2 teams, playing at Prestwich Libs)
St Margarets BC (1 team, playing at St Margarets BC, Polefield Road)
Whitefield Park (1 team, playing at Whitefield Park, Stanley Road)

League results, fixtures, tables and averages are all hosted over at Bowlsnet.